Thursday, June 27, 2013

Morning in the City

I had an appointment this morning. Normally I don't drive to the office. It's easier to catch the bus. This gives me time to shop and look in the book store. I also avoid the 22 dollars for parking in the lot. Bus fare in Philly is two dollars one way. We are still having a heat wave with scattered showers and thunderstorms. The temperature is in the 90's today. To get to my appointment in University City I go through Center City. Center City Philadelphia is where City Hall is, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall shops, restaurants, and lots of historical sites to visit. I like to see what changes stores have made to planters outside their buildings. Arrangements are changed each season. The arrangements are pretty but I think it's a waste of plants to pull them and dispose of them.

From home to the bus stop to take me to my appointment. This is some of what I saw while I waited for the bus.

Beautiful Architecture

Front garden on the street next to the office.

Outside the office. Nice shade bed of fern, hosta, rudbeckia, and lirope.


My Destination after my appointment. Barnes & Noble Book Store

What should I choose?

Rittenhouse Square (Opposite the book store)
 Rittenhouse Square is one an open-square park planned by William Penn and Thomas Holmes. Many high-rise condo buildings surround the square. Today many people sit on wooden benches, babies are being pushed in carriages, and pets are being walked. On Saturdays there's a Farm to City Market. During the Summer the market is from 9:00 am-3:00 pm. If you come it's located at 18th and Walnut Street.There are lots of vendors. Farmers and vineyards who bring local fresh fruit and produce, fresh cut flowers from the Pennsylvania Dutch, fresh artisan bread and gluten free baked products, plants, fresh fish, honey, crafts, and a multitude of goods. If you don't get there early the fresh flowers are sold out. The dahlias and variety of flowers are beautiful.

Where are the flowers in the urn?

Finally Flowers

Sidewalk Planter

Beautiful Combination of Plants-sweet potato vine, dragon wing begonia, and fern.

I believe these are condos.

The Shops at Liberty Place

The top of the building/Big building

 This ends my day in Center City, now home on the bus!

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