Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Surviving In The Heat and Humidity

It was a hot day in Philly with temperatures around 92 degrees. We had rain showers throughout the day. My foxglove in the front flower bed has some type of disease on the leaves. I'm glad it bloomed beautifully before this happened. I will tidy her up and remove some leaves. I grew this from seeds 3 years ago. It get larger every year. Our winters have been so different and mild that the plant remains green even in the winter, snow, and ice. I normally don't remove the seeds but this year there are so many I may save the seeds. The black eyed susan vine is growing well on the trellis. This is the first year that I have grow them and had this much success. She is now in bloom but not in the picture below. I will update the picture of it in another post. The heuchera is doing well and in bloom. The pansies still look good but a day can make a difference. I took the photos below last week. This week they look like I may have to pull them and replace them. I really didn't want to buy any more plants until Fall. I'll shop in my yard and see what I can come up with. I need to pull a lot of the sedum. It is looks unkept and has grown over some of the other plants.

One of 2 Sidewalk Planters

Second Planter/The Same Plants in Each

Black Eyed Susan Vine

Still Living in the Heat

Home Sweet Home

Echinacea and Day Lilly

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