Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Window Boxes Part 2

This is the box in the other window. What do you think? Does the red offend your eyes? I love hot colors. The color is even more brilliant in person. I think there could be more plants but oh well. It includes 2 variegated lirope, 3 wave petunias, 2 geraniums, 1 sweet potato vine, and 1 creeping Jenny. The creeping Jenny really needs to be taken out because they apparently don't like this much sun and heat. It's doing more creeping than cascading. You can hardly see the plant. Pay attention to plant labels. I'm really surprised it has not died yet. Jenny is a ground cover but I bought her because she is perennial so she'll come back next year and it should cascade down from the box. Some of my neighbors also have this plant and it has covered the grown. I would never plant this in the ground. It reminds me of ajuga. My sister gave me 1 small piece 2 years ago and it took over the front flower bed. The nursery was charging over three dollars a 4" pot of it this Spring. I thought wow, I could have made a small fortune. I pulled it out this spring and I thought I got all of it but now it's growing in the cracks were I have rocks. I also prefer it only in a pot. Another plant that will do this is the type of sedum that I have out front. It's beautiful in the Spring until it blooms. I don't like the blooms. It starts to look untidy and will spread over all the other plants if you let it. What did I expect, these are labeled as ground covers? I've only checked on this box a couple of times and deadheaded the geraniums. This is my type of planting just leave it alone and let it receive what ever rain that falls and it still looks beautiful and prolific. Not as beautiful as I expected though. I won't do red geraniums and red petunias together again though. No I'm not a horticulturalist. They probably would never combine 2 bright red colors. Are there any horticulturalist viewing the post. I'd appreciate an opinion. It's okay, what ever you have to say.

One of my next book purchases will be on the history of gardens. I know I can obtain this information off the web but there is something about the feel of a book and holding it that I enjoy. I believe I did read a little bit about the subject on another blog I read. I think gardens go back to ancient times. I also want to know the origins of window boxes and what their purpose was other than adding a beautiful element to the exterior of homes.  I believe they originated in Europe and were intended to be edible gardens with herbs and vegetables.  I will read more and post something when I locate a credible source that I can reference and give credit to. For my European readers, do you have a window box, what do you have planted in them, do you know any history on them you can share, can you post some pictures? On to the back yard. I will post some pictures. By the way happy Summer Solstice! I already posted Summer pictures and it was not Summer yet. It felt like it to me. Philly has had it's first heat wave and is expecting it's second next week with several days in the 90's. I'm so thankful for air conditioning.

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