Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yard Chores

Cherry Tomato, Pickling Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Broccoli
My First Cherry Tomato

Zinnia State Fair

Tomato and Pepper

Pickling Cucumber

Broccoli and Calendula Seedlings

Stella D'oro Daylillies/Only Two Blooms
I was able to start tidying up the yard today. I still have seedlings and some plants I purchased to plant. Unfortunately some did die. I will keep this in mind next year when ordering, starting seedlings, or purchasing plants. This Spring when I told my mother how many plants I had ordered she said, "where are you going to put them?" You know your yard is not as big as your sisters." When I told my sister that the plants I had ordered had arrived she said, "where are you going to put them?" I laughed because it's true. I know I have a small house and small yard with not a lot of space, but that's not an issue because you can garden almost anywhere. Gardens don't even have to planted in the ground. Container gardening is very popular for fruits, veggies, plants, and flowers. So this is some of what I did today.

Cut Spent Blooms off Peony

Plant lobelia and Gerbera Daisy

Veronica Starting to Bloom
Still Planting Geraniums

Vinca and Impatiens I Grew from Seeds even with Downey Mildew at Risk

Plant these

My coleus Seedlings

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