Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

I had a beautiful Independence Day with my family. I hope you enjoyed yours. Waiting to see the fire works start. I don't go to the Art Museum to see the live show I normally watch on TV. When I was younger and my daughter was younger we would go see the show live. She went today with my niece and nephew. The weather was brutal today. It felt like a steam bath. Bad hair day. Garden loving the heat, humidity, and rain showers although it held off today. I think I may pull my broccoli. My mother picked off at least 5 green worms today. The picture below is yesterday when I pulled off one worm. I didn't see anymore yesterday but they were out in full force today. Over night they ate well.
Black Eyed Susan Vine has almost outgrown it's trellis. What to do?

Making Progress

 I hope they don't cross pollinate. Well, I'll see what happens next Summer.

Tempted to cut foxglove to the ground but I'll wait and see how it does. Cut the flower stalks. So many seeds.

Can you spot the culprit? Yes I picked him off.

One worm can really do a lot of damage.

Cucumber bloom. I have some cucumbers already. Will need stronger support.
Enjoying the heat and all the rain we have been having.

Come sit a while.

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