Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the Yard

After working in the front I moved to the backyard. I didn't stay long. There was a breeze this morning when I did the front and not too hot. It was scorching when I moved to the back. You will notice no pictures of my container vegetables. They looked horrible, for my eyes only. I will see how they look after being watered.

Leaf minor on columbine leaves. I was horrified to see my astible gone, dried up. they had shade but not moist shade. I am disappointed I didn't get to see them bloom. Maybe next year. This is why I was cautious about buying them. Well gardening is a learning experience.

The heat has killed the bleeding heart for this year but it will return in the spring. The coleus are doing well.

Canna taking off.

 Still doing well. Normally around this time they are scorched or have slug holes.

Impatiens blooming. Two of five I kept. so far no downy mildew but lets see how it goes. I grew them from seed. I would not buy any due to the downy mildew.

My coleus and geranium seedlings are doing well. The stalks on the geraniums are huge. The lilies in the corner are done.

Begonia and vinca. I will move back to a shadier area. I moved them for the 4th of July BBQ.

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