Saturday, July 27, 2013

Starting Pansies Part II

Equipment- dining room table lined with paper, pansy seeds, seed starting trays with pellet inserts, hot water, spray bottle, skewer, black plastic bag, scissors, marker and paper to label trays.

Trays & Skewer

I used skewer to put holes in the bottom of the egg carton.  I cut other side of carton to use as a tray.

Coir pellets inserted and hot water poured over to expand.

Hot water poured over peat pellets to expand. I did pull back mesh and loosen medium. The mesh is one of the problems I find with these pellets. I find it best to loosen the soil before sowing seeds. I allowed the medium to cool off before sowing and poured of any extra water.

Seeds sown on top of soil. I used this Swiss Giant type instead of the caramel ones I mentioned in the previous post. I liked the variety of colors. I really like the coir better. It's loose and has a nice texture.

 I spritzed the top of pellets with water from spray bottle and but the covers on. I also labeled each tray with which type of seed I planted.

I put trays in black plastic bag and put in refrigerator. I did cover the top of the egg carton with plastic first. I said I wouldn't stratify the seeds and would let them germinate at room temperature, but lets see what happens?

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