Thursday, August 1, 2013

Can You Believe It's August?

Today it rained most of the day until evening. Temperatures were in the 70's. Peeked at the pansy seedlings. Of course they have not germinated, too soon, but the seeds appear plump from the moisture of the soil and the refrigerator. I can't believe it's August. Makes me think of Fall, mums, pumpkins, a warm fire, walking and hearing the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet, and the many colors of leaves on the trees. August is also the end of my Summer vacation. It's the best part of working for a School District, all Summer off. I did work for one week as a substitute. I hoped to visit my mother in Georgia in August but I may not be able to go due to to job obligations. I looked forward to seeing what is growing in my mother's and aunt and uncle's gardens. They live on the same street. My uncle grows all types of fruit trees and usually has huge harvests of pears, navel oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and many other fruits. Last year his lemons were the biggest I've ever seen. When I spoke to my mother by phone she talked about her fig tree and of being tired of canning figs. I hope I still get to visit before school starts is September. This time last year I was in Jamaica with my daughter. On this rainy day I will share some pictures from Jamaica and think of the beach, the water fall we walked up, and of the botanical garden we toured.

Welcome to Jamaica !

Who goes to Jamaica and photographs the plants? I do!

Orchid on the counter in our bathroom. Never dropped a leaf or flower. This would never happen at my house.


Would love to know what type of tree this was. On the last day I was told there were morning garden tours of the resort and I could find out what type of tree this was. Unfortunately I asked on the day we were leaving.

I don't know what this plant was.

Can you see the children up in the tree?


Come have a seat and relax, enjoy the view, feel the breeze.

I think most of them are coleus but not all.

The resort where we stayed.

The larger resort next door.
Until We Meet Again!

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