Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Georgia on My Mind and Childhood Memories Part II

The house that my grandmother and great grandmother lived in are no longer there. In it's place is a forest of trees.  We continue to visit where the houses stood every time we visit Georgia, it's bitter sweet. Next door to where my grandmother's house stood is a house that is now vacant. It looks similar in style to what her house looked like except she had a screened in porch and her house was raised up off the ground. My brother and uncle braved the brush and trees to get a closer look and see if the branch was still there, it was.The pecan tree in the yard was filled with large pecans and my brother collected some that had fallen on the ground to show me. They were still green and not ready for eating. 

When we visited in the Summer we would walk up the road to the park. There were two swimming pools. One for younger children to wade in and one for older children. The see saw and swings were still there although I'm sure replaced from the ones we used. As children we swam all day and came out of the pool only for a brown bagged lunch given out. My favorites in the park was the see saw and of course the swings. I still like to swing. On the day we went there was a baseball game in progress. A new Jackie Robinson field was built since I had last visited. The park and playground looked the same when we visited except for the baseball field, it's amazing. It's like going back in time and feeling like I was still that same small child.

Visiting the cemetery is also something that we do as a family when in Georgia. I always say quietly to myself, "grandma, I'm here." We visit the graves of my grandmother, great grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, and cousins who have passed. 

The vacant house next to my where my grandmother's house stood.

We walked this road many days on our way to the park to swim and play all day.
Across from were my grandmother's house stood. There used to be a house here. Theses tree were here when we were children.
My brother on the left, Mr. Fred in the middle, and my uncle on the right. Standing above the bridge connected to the branch. Watching the water and sharing memories for my brother and uncle.
Me! Sorry my eyes are closed. I blinked and my sister took the picture.

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