Monday, August 26, 2013

Neighborhood Community Garden

I'm back from a road trip, not good for my pansies that were doing so well before I left.  I told my daughter to water them every 2 days and if the soil appears dry. They were a pitiful site when I arrived home. She did have the shop lights on but they were all dried up. I watered them and turned the lights off. Maybe some will recover. I will probably be purchasing pansies from the garden center when they become available. It's too late to start more.The flowers outside in the front of the house were wilted and many had yellow leaves. I could see this although it was still dark outside when I arrived home last night. I will water them later today and remove the dead leaves. The cherry tomatoes in the yard are thriving and loaded with tomatoes ready to harvest.

Before I left on my trip I took some pictures of a community garden in my neighborhood. There were a lot of vegetables but since I do not have a plot at the garden I didn't go inside to take pictures so the pictures don't show any although they are there.

Zinnia Heaven!

Fig Tree

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