Friday, August 30, 2013

Signs of Autumn

I stopped at the produce market in Glenside today. Glenside is a county outside of Philadelphia. They have a plant area and the first thing I saw was a sea of orchids for five dollars. I thought I was in orchid heaven and obviously some other shoppers did also evidenced by the amount of orchids in their shopping carts. I bought two. I hope after the blooms fade that the plants will survive and bloom again. Last year I bought two plants from the produce market in my neighborhood and they died. They were beautiful but I think I over watered them.These type of orchids are supposed to be easy to grow for beginners. I guess someone didn't have me in mind. I will need to surf the web to read up on how to care for orchids. I think this will be my new place for buying cut flowers. There was a large variety to choose from and super cheap. I bought 2 bunches of asters. One for my living room and one for my bedroom. They were only one dollar and forty nine cents for each large bunch.

Signs of Autumn approaching were every where such as the cool season annual stock. I love stock and it was only a dollar but I didn't buy any. I'm waiting for pansies since my pansies didn't survive during my road trip. Of course there were mums. I started to see mums in garden centers in July. This seemed really early to me. There also were lawn decorations such as scarecrows. I love Fall. I look forward to the leaves changing colors and falling. The array of colors are stunning. I like to walk through the fallen leaves each year and hear them crunch. When we were children we would jump in large piles of leaves. I enjoy the smell of burning wood from home fireplaces as I take a walk through the neighborhood after work and of lighting my first fire at home.

As Autumn approaches it also signals the end of my Summer vacation after Labor day. Back to work and an end to the leisure days of Summer. It's time to start preparing the garden for winter and soon bulb planting.

Last years orchid

 Today's purchase and 2 types of Chinese evergreens. I have had them for a year and they haven't died. I have learned to select plants that will survive under the conditions in my home. I have insisted on others that don't but many plants are tropical and require high light and I can't put every plant under a plant light. I I have bought many plants because I like them. This is was not a good idea because they are no longer here.


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