Monday, September 16, 2013

50 Years Young

I taught my daughter well. She set the table and prepared dinner. I didn't know she knew where the table cloths were.
They are beautiful.

Death by chocolate! I only have this once a year.
From my mom and daughter.
This is one of 2 cards my daughter gave me.
Lets look at this again! My daughter's humor. It explains how I feel some days.
Dinner prepared by my daughter. Steak with onions and peppers, fresh broccoli and potatoes with fresh garlic, yum and diet orange Sunkist, yes orange Sunkist.

My daughter and I play checkers. I have to develop a better strategy. Lately we have been tied with no winner.

My daughter asked when I would post this and I told her, "first I have to add some words of wisdom." She laughed. First of all I plan to celebrate my birthday all year. Have you heard of the saying, "live every day as if it were your last." It would be nice to do this. Living each day as if it were my last would mean that I wouldn't be working and that's not going to happen yet. I have learned a lot in 50 years. I have learned that I don't know as much as I think. Wisdom does come with age. Why do you have to be older to be wiser? Life has been good to me.

 If I could I would be financially wealthy. It would be nice not to worry about money and surviving. It would be nice if my parents and all my family members that I love could be eternally young and never die. Age has made me realize that I am getting older and my parents are getting older and one day they won't be here. What will life be like then? I have had them for so long and they are excellent and loving  parents. Why do some people garden and love plants and flowers and some aren't moved at all by them? I am glad that I am one that experiences joy when I see them and say to myself, "how magnificent, what will the garden's in heaven look like." Yes, I'm rambling and I don't think I shared any words of wisdom. Well I have the rest of my 50th year to share words of wisdom. I will say that I have learned that no matter how bad things seem or a situation is, it's not as bad as it seems. There are always worse situations. I have learned that many times the answer is within, if I quiet my thinking and just rest the answer is there. The rambling stops here. Here is my lovely daughter. She's beautiful. I took this in Jamaica last year.

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