Sunday, September 29, 2013

Approaching the End of 2013

Its hard to believe that there are only 3 months left in the year. I was in Walmart on Saturday and 4 isles had been cleared for you guess what, Christmas merchandise. In fact one isle was already adorned. I am posting more pictures of the Philadelphia flower Show from 2013 that I didn't posted and then go back to 2012 where the theme was Paris. I may have pictures from 2011 show where the theme was Hawaii. I hope I don't have the themes for the years mixed up. I think 2012 was Hawaii and 2011 was Paris. Enjoy!

I wonder how many years it took to get the staghorn fern to that size?

This shoe was done with cantaloupe, banana peals and some other items. This was done by my sister's neighbor Linda Mingo.  She exhibits at the show each years and usually gets a ribbon.
I like to see what is done with window boxed each year.


The picture did not do it justice.
Beautiful clivia. I regret not purchasing one at the show, maybe next year.

I have not yet mastered terrariums. I will continue to try.

So many interesting plants.
I love oranges blooms. I already have my orange tulips for Spring.

Look at the dress in the background.

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