Sunday, September 15, 2013

Out Front & Sweet Potato Vine

Today was the day and is it beautiful outside, time to plant something and pull up some things. Cool and crisp again. It's cool enough for a fire but I think I will wait. The container on the stoop outside my door did well but it's time to remove the sweet potato vine. My daughter complained all summer when it grew and started blocking the entrance to the front door. I became concerned when it started rubbing on my clothing every time I stood in the doorway to open the door and as a result transported a caterpillar from the plant onto me and into the house. I wasn't aware of it until I saw something on my shoulder out of the corner of my eye and it was a large white caterpillar. I kindly took it back outside and deposited it in the ivy. I didn't kill it. I have come a long way. Before I would have needed to be seen in the emergency department for a self inflicted neck injury from dancing around and screaming for someone to get it off me.

There were 2 types planted, "Blackie" and "Margarita." I thought that "Blackie" was the one that produced tubers but I guess they all do. I had "Blackie last Summer and it produced a tiny tuber which I accidentally threw out when cleaning out front. I haven't completely pulled up the vine yet. I will see if it produced anything when the weather starts to kill the foliage. I was ecstatic  to see a sweet potato in my sidewalk planter when I pulled up "Margarita." Here she is. Now how do I keep her viable until Spring?

 I think there are more because I couldn't pull out all of it and I didn't want to chop into it. If it lives do you think I can separate them?

Cut back creeping Jenniy, sweet potato vine, phylox, pulled 2 coleus.
Cutting put in water. I hope they make it till Spring.
After. It will look better when mums, ornamental kale, pumpkins, and more pansies are added.
Sorry for the blurry picture. Some pansies added. I am going to remove the coleus and sweet potato vine when I get the other plants.
Alabama Sunset. She was hard to see with all the other plants in the container. She was trailing down in the back. I will take a cutting of her. If she survives it will be the 3rd year I have had her.

Side walk Planter Before
After, violas added.

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