Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thoughts For Today

No gardening going on today. After work I took a nap to rejuvenate and now I have a stack of garden magazines on my bed and of course my laptop. I know I won't get to most of the magazines because I go to bed at a set time but this does not stop me from piling them up. I may not glance through any tonight.There never seems to be enough hours in the day. I look forward to one day being able to retire and having time to just "be."  To be able to sleep late in the morning if I want, make and sit at the table and enjoy breakfast, and just listen to the birds sing or sit on my porch for as long as I want and drink coffee. It is a luxury to be able to just "do nothing" for a period of time if you don't want to.

 The change of seasons usually means different things in my house. I like to change the curtains at all the windows. For Winter I usually put up heavier drapes in darker Fall colors. Insulation is applied around doors and windows. The man who has been delivering my wood for the fire will be delivering it soon. If I don't contact him he usually calls me to arrange delivery. I also focus on getting the house ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. My mother or sister will have Thanksgiving dinner at their home and I usually do Christmas. For me this means the house being as tidy as possible with decreased clutter. I like to clean wood work, move furniture to give the floor underneath a good cleaning and wax. I also prepare for not being able to drive to the market due to being snowed in by snow. I like to stock up on bottled water, shelf milk, toilet paper, and basic staples like rice, oatmeal, paper towels, cat food, and what ever can help me avoid the supermarket in a snow storm. Ever had to grocery shop when a snow storm is expected? I also like to go to the laundry to wash all my heavy blankets and comforters for cozy sleeping to come.

I believe the Philadelphia African Violet Society has a show this weekend. I would like to go but if I do this would be the second weekend where I spend my Saturday at a gardening event and this usually ends up being all day. I want to go but I also want to plant my second window box. The plants are sitting on my porch. The drapes are waiting to be hung. I have to add soil to by sidewalk planter. It looks tampered with and the pansy I planted last week is missing. How can a large planter be knocked over? It looks to have been tipped over. The joy and hazards of living in the city. I won't miss this if I move to a different area where neighbors enjoy gardening and you can plant and not worry that it will be harmed or stolen. This is what I enjoyed about Georgia. No worry about people on your property and a mutual respect for the neighborhood and neighbors.
I never understood why people move to the suburbs or rural area. Living in the city has taught me many reasons why. I am not naive in thinking that only urban areas have problems but I sure want a chance to see. 

It's past time for bed so I will turn in. Do you live in the city/urban area? What are your experiences? What do you do to prepare for Fall and Winter?

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