Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautiful Day for a Walk

Today is a classic Autumn day. Temperatures are in the 50's. Its crisp with little wind. I like the wind whipping up the leaves but no wind  today. The first frost is expected North and West of the city in the Lehigh County, the Pocono Mountains, and in the surrounding counties. For Philly it is expected to go do into the 30's tonight. Morning will tell whether we get frost or not. I'm sure the flowers will tell since so many are still green and in bloom. The trees have finally started to turn colors. I am still waiting on the tree in front of my house and those that hang over my yard. I took some pictures as I walked. 

In my zest to plant mums, pansies, and perennials, I forgot to refrigerate bulbs for forcing in September, so I ordered some for some color and blooms in the Winter. I ordered 1 amaryllis although they don't require a period of cold. It would have been nice to have tulips, hyacinths, and other bulbs in bloom in November and December in the house but I will have to settle for paperwhites and amaryllis while the other bulbs grow roots and prepare to bloom later in the Winter. This is the benefit of a garden journal. I will have to work on this in 2014.

Beautiful colors.

Lots of berries for the birds and I imagine squirrels.
I believe this was once the Germantown Historical Society. They are located now in a different building down the street.
I try to stay out of here. I love to look for vases, old linens and table cloths, old plates, glasses, a little of everything.
Pictures of Grumblethorpe I promised during the Summer.
Trying to see what is growing on the fence. I took this from across the street. I will have to go look at it another day to see what it is. It doesn't look like wisteria.

Old church! It has been here since 1836.
Church burial ground.
A small view of the community garden in Autumn. I posted pictures of it in August Still tomatoes, marigolds, and probably Winter vegetables under the row covers.
Historic house now being used as a law office. When it was for sale for a small fortune, you could view the inside on the web. It was ashamed to see it no longer as a home but as split up offices.
This is the fabric store. I love to sew but just can't seem to find the time as I work and in my time off enjoy so many other things also. When my daughter was younger I used to make some of her clothes, and curtains and pillows for her bedroom. I also made her flower girl dress for my wedding. It's nice to have a fabric store in the neighborhood. There was a beautiful one in Center City for years that sold good quality fabrics for upholstery, draperies, and pillows. It was expensive but the fabric was excellent. They also did custom orders for a small fortune. It's nice to have custom drapes or curtains done but nicer to be able to sew the same thing yourself. I miss that store. The next closest fabric shops would be in South Philly.
To think that this was once a single family home. Twenty years ago when I was looking for an apartment I looked at one in here. I have always loved old houses. It's sad to see old historic houses cut up into apartments. It's beautiful architecture. There are many homes in Germantown of this size that families are buying, renovating, and some being restored and kept as single family homes.
What can I say about Philadelphia? It's my home. It's where I was born and live. It's a city of different neighborhoods. My neighborhood is a neighborhood slowly in transition but not as fast as I would like. I would love if the city invested in restoring the historic properties in Germantown and building it up to attract tourist. There is so much history here. Visitors are obviously drawn more to Center City with it's many historic sites and restaurants. Maybe one day. Although it's not all I would want in a neighborhood many of the people who live here love Germantown and know it's a quiet gem with much possibility. Done walking,time to get warm. 

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