Sunday, October 13, 2013

In The Yard-Sunday

A beautiful day to garden. Temperatures in the 70's and windy. I love the wind.

Can't do anything in the yard without this. Hate to endorse a product but these work spectacular. No worrying about mosquito's or other flying insects. My brother bought this for me several years ago. I used it once but tried it again this Summer. I was amazed. I can actually garden without socks, long sleeves and pants, but I still did cover up when I went in the yard.
Time to get started. Lets go down.

I normally put the yard furniture away for the Winter so I can see the whole yard and what the garden is doing.

Coleus still growing with nights in the 50's and some 40's.
The fig tree is doing well.
The cherry tomatoes did well this year. I will take off the last few and pull up the vine.
Time to take the peppers off. I wonder will they be bitter?
I will get to these tomorrow. Black eye Susan's and a phlox that looks dead. In the back is a daisy much in need of planting.
I have read about micro climates, but can you believe that these bulbs are coming up? The are daffodils. I guess I won't have any in this container in Spring.
The end of the vinca and impatiens. Weeds, grass, and moss on the ground.
I cut the broccoli off I believe in September. Surprise. I guess you have to pull up the whole root. I have three new broccoli plants!
It will be interesting to see what it does over the Winter.
The moss grows best in the cool weather. 
I have little grass due to the shade from the trees in the yard.
It bloomed. Better late than never.
I hate to cut them but I want to plant the perennials.

My Winter project on sunny days is to work on a different boarder for this flower bed.
 Changed the position of the coreopsis. It needs more sun and may not due well where I wanted to plant it.
The grass near the wood fence gets about 3 feet tall. I wanted some height behind the peony in the center.

I want to move this out of this spot and put a bush I brought for some height. This needs more sun. I'm happy to see some coneflower babies.
This is pumpkin on a stick not the botanical or Latin name for it. I grew it from seed. They are actually ornamental eggplants. I first saw it at the flower shop in the Reading Terminal for an insane price for one stem. They look beautiful in Fall arrangements because the look like pumpkins. I hope to do better with these next year.
Undecided as to whether to plant them or just let them sit in their pots.
I wanted to top everything off but why. Why not just wait for frost?
Still color from the butterfly bush and begonia.
Yes, orange pansies for the yard since my seedlings didn't make it. If they lived I doubt they would be looking like this by now, but who knows.

These were for the second window box out front but I don't think so. I will wait to dress it for Christmas and plant these in the yard.
This was a raised planter. Now I use it for what ever: a pot of Arizona sun seedlings I grew and will plant, bulbs I pulled up in the Spring and did not store them properly and a host of other plants.
Not out back but beautiful, asylum and pansies only $4.00. It was over $20.00. This is my type of price and the scent is wonderful.
I have to show them again although the picture does not do justice to the bright red color.
Till tomorrow!

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