Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Can Be Done During a Water Break?

Reading blogs and going down stairs for a water break, inspired me to pot up my amaryllis. Two purchased last Winter were thrown out after the fungus gnat outbreak in the house. They were beautiful and I was in love with them. The blooms were magnificent! I ordered 1 from a bulb nursery that I am waiting for it in the mail. Until then, red lion drew my attention this week in the big box store. I like the ceramic pot but it does not have drainage holes. I hope it will be okay with some gravel in the bottom to hopefully keep water from the bulb so it won't rot. A nice sized bulb. Looks like it is ready for planting. 

What I did learn from my first time planting them last year was that amaryllis or other bulbs started in water shrink in size and can't be replanted. All their energy is depleted. The bulb I planted in peat maintained it's size and could have been allowed to go dormant and in time bloom again if the gnats didn't gross me out. A waste of a bulb. The bulb started in water shrank really small, used all it's stored energy to produce blooms and then was of no more use. 

Paddle to stir paint serves a duel purpose, but I need 2 if the blooms are like they were last year; huge, tall and heavy. The plant was so top heavy it toppled over one night onto the floor and was done. I was so upset. I blamed it on the cat but the blooms needed support. The paddles don't look pretty but they serve the purpose and light weight sticks will not do.
Instructions. I was surprised to see the disk is now coco peat  or coconut fiber, not just peat. Fungus gnats love peat. I still put mosquito bite granules in the medium to combat any gnats it might still draw. I have not seen anything flying around in the house since the plants from the porch were brought into the house. I will cross my finger and hope for no gnat problem this seed sowing season.
And something extra. Lemons from my mother's tree in Georgia.

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