Saturday, December 21, 2013

God Thought of Me Today!

The first day of the Winter Solstice. Beautiful, beautiful day in the 60's and expected to be in the 70's tomorrow. This is December and we have already had 3 snow storms; more snow than we had all last Winter. That was not a lot of snow for Philly. After seeing 3 feet at one time on several occasions 7 inches in one month is nothing.  Visions of Spring. I planted all the bulbs I had purchased for the yard and I can use some more. Last Fall I planted red and yellow tulips. This year I did multicolor ones. I pulled my tulips from last Fall and put them all in a planter. I hope they come up this Spring and I will use them to cut for the house. It would be nice to be able to cut my own tulips and have fresh flowers.

The ground was damp and  mostly like I left it in November before the snow surprised me and I couldn't get back out to plant bulbs because everything has been covered in snow. Late, but I planted my garlic. Looking forward to what it does. I was able to plant 2 veronica plants, perennials I bought at the end of Summer sale and 2 Shasta daisies. I dug up my peony from out front and planted it in a pot until Spring when I can decide where I want to plant it. I planted red tulips out front in the flower bed. I used all the allium, crocus, and hyacinth in the yard so I may buy some more for the front. They should be greatly reduced since most people planted bulbs in the Fall and this is the first day Winter. I'm thinking of starting begonias this weekend. This would be my first time trying them. They take a while from seed to bloom and from what I read may be difficult. Well, time will tell.

What a beautiful morning.

Buds on the fig trees for Spring.
A little snow let but the ground is not frozen.
This is a Veronica. I will plant her.

The soil in the oblong one is frozen.
Does broccoli die? Calendula planted from seeds during the Summer. Maybe it will reach full size and flower this Summer.
I plan to get more bulbs for here. Maybe the snow will melt by tomorrow. If not, I will scoop it out and plant.
The planter is cedar so I hope it will last for several years to come but, I will cover it in the Winter to try to prevent the wood rotting.
Tulip bulbs. This year I will arrange them in groups where I have space.
Last years bulbs. If they do well I will have lots to cut for the house.

For pots on the steps out front and window boxes.

From today's mail. I look forward to reading these later. I have never ordered from Jung's but I enjoy looking at a variety of seed catalogs. 
Pansies inside the bag that I started last week. I sowed the seeds on the top of the soil and pressed them in. I think I may go back and put a light covering of soil on them. The seeds are plump but they haven't germinated yet. I keep them moist but not too wet.

Giallardias I started from seeds in the Spring. I never planted them. I hope they make it.

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