Tuesday, December 10, 2013


What a beautiful snow. It's light and fluffy. This is our second day. Saturday there was 5-10 inches. It was heavier but absolutely beautiful. No garlic planted. I did clean the leaves from the yard and bring ceramic planters inside. Bulbs not planted yet. Maybe next week when the snow has cleared. I really should get them in the ground now before another snow. I was going to do it on Thursday but it rained for 2 days followed by snow. 

When the snow slowed down my daughter and I went out to tackle the shoveling. Actually she shoveled the front of the house and I cleaned off the car for work the next day. I was hopeful for a snow day from work, but school was in session. Snow days are one of the perks of working for a school district. I don't know who enjoys snow days more, the students or the staff? Today we got our snow day based on the timing of the storm which started during the morning rush hour when students and staff would be in transition to school. 

I love snow but I don't like when it gets icy or there is 3 feet of it and the sidewalk has to be shoveled and the car dug out to get out of the street to go to work. One day when I retire, I will enjoy not having to go out into the snow if I don't want to. I never get tired of walking in the snow while it's falling. Especially at night when it's fresh and no one is outside and has walked on it. It's silent and magical. I walked on Saturday night during the snow. I may go out later to take more pictures of the neighborhood.

So, is anyone seed starting yet? I sure want to but as usual I am preparing for Christmas dinner and having family over. Of course this means getting the house in order. Wouldn't it be wonderful to always have your house in order and ready for guests? Family or friends can come over anytime but on the holiday I like the house to be extra special. I need to declutter, put books and magazine stacks away, sweep, vacuum, and wax my floors. Move furniture to clean and wax under them. Wipe down shelves. I already hung more heavy insulated drapes and put down the rug. I have actually accomplished more than I thought I would have done by this time. Each year it gets better. The day I realized that you don't wait until the week before a family dinner to start getting things ready was a break through. Why didn't I start earlier before, the energy of youth maybe? I started the first day of December. Actually I hung the drapes in November. My goal is to have everything done by next weekend so the week of Christmas I can relax, bake, and enjoy sitting by the fire, reading, and enjoying some of my favorite holiday shows. 

My mother and I were talking recently and discussing that only several years  ago, Friday nights were my day for cleaning and doing laundry. I would clean the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. I did all the laundry. So Saturday was a day that I had time to shop and spend time with family. It's amazing what happens as one ages. I no longer clean the whole house on Friday nights. I try... to do one thing after work each night. Maybe take one corner and stack the books neatly or put them away. Wipe off the table which is for the lamp, my coffee cup, and as always plants. Of course it's not only dust I'm wiping off but cat hair. My cat has always had bad behavior and thinks that the tables are for him to stretch out and sleep on. Is he displaying cat like behavior normal for cats? I don't believe house pets should be on the furniture or in beds. My cat thinks other wise. I do love my cat. He has his own unique personality. This is why I like cats they are almost like people.

So she did bloom, but the color of the blooms are not vibrant. The amaryllis I had last year was prettier. What is left of the Thanksgiving flower arrangement in the background.
I would love live garland but I have tried this many times before to have a dry mess that didn't look pretty when Christmas arrived. I do have some and I may add it on Christmas day. The smell is wonderful. Wilt Proof is used to spray fresh trees and greens to help maintain their moisture indoors. I was going to order some but didn't. Maybe next year.
And for something different. He loves to pose. This is Spike another member of the family. As I mentioned in another post, he came to live with me along with my Nephew, and their cat Penny when my sister went to Iraq. That was about 13 years ago and he's still here. I was amazed when I read that turtles can live for 90 or more years. I will have to assign him a guardian in my will as he may outlive me.

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