Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seed Starting Coleus/Begonia Progress

It's amazing what a difference a few days can make in the appearance of a seedling. The begonias are progressing. Some are still tiny but visible. I wonder if the tiny ones will make it? Anything could happen so I will try not to be too excited. It would be nice if all grew at the same rate but I guess as people are different and have their own characteristics, so are seeds; no two alike due to their genetic make up.

Each one is a different size.

I was like a little kid when I saw how some had grow. I peak at them every day.

These are coleus the seeds I sowed. I am spoiled with pelleted seeds. I was horrified to see the size of seeds that aren't pelleted. I usually order pelleted seed  pelleted seeds but didn't think about this when I was ordering this time. Some are pelleted and some are not. I didn't have success with chocolate mint coleus last year. Only one seedling survived out of 10 sown. The dark color is beautiful and I am trying them again.
Coleus seeds sown next to geraniums.
Never sow seeds when you're tired. It should be interesting what happens. There were so many seeds that weren't pelleted and I just shook them into each cell. Not the way I would recommend you do it. At least the pelleted seeds can be seen, the others cannot, so how crowed they are should be interesting. It's a good thing coleus seedlings aren't as fragile and fussy. I might be horrified to see hundreds come up.

Let there be some order! One of my shop lights stopped working so I have 2 others and I have to find out what is working. This is no time for lights to break.

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