Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice, Snow, Snow

Ice storm last week, followed by snow this past Sunday, and today ice, sleet, and snow. It has stopped snowing today but will be followed by more snow tonight. Three to six more inches expected. It did allow people to go out and clear some of the snow before the next weather event starts. We got 9.8 inches. No bus service, schools, and city offices closed. I guess I shouldn't complain since this type of weather hasn't happened in a long time. According to the local weather, Philly hasn't had 4 snow falls in one winter each with at least 6 inches of snow since the year 1884. This year may break a record  as one of the 3rd highest snow fall totals ever. 

I remember 1996 when we had 36 inches. I remember snow storms at Easter time and snow piled up far into the Spring. Maybe this will be one of those years. Can't complain, I could be in Buffalo New York where this is nothing, and business goes on as usual. What does a girl do when snow bound? Fiddle with seeds and plants inside and wait for one to four inches of the white stuff predicted for Saturday. 

Ice last week.
Today's Snow

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