Monday, February 3, 2014

Lets Sow Some Seeds

Time to start impatiens. For the past few years impatiens walleriana have been affected by downy mildew which results in their death. I still sow them and so far I haven't had a problem. This year I will try new guinea impatiens which I haven't tried before as well as the walleriana. The geraniums have not germinated yet.
Ready for impatiens. Seed starting mix wet and packed into each cell.

Coleus Seedlings. Germinated last Friday.
Vinca and pansies. Not looking well at all. I plan to plant more if I can get more vinca seeds this week. It may be too late since vinca and pansies take a while to grow to bloom size. I took them out of the miracle grow potting soil and put them in seed starting mix with fertilizer. The other mix appeared too course. Hopefully some will survive. 

Begonias growing at different paces.
Starting to look like begonias. Still in the humidity dome.

In the kitchen window.

The window is cooler than under the grow lights. I thought I would put some pansies in the window to see if there would be a difference in how they grow. The won't have 16 hours of shop lights but I want to see if they get stockier and healthier in the coolness.

Pansies in the window.

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