Monday, February 24, 2014

What Are the seedlings Doing?

Some doing well, some not so well. Transplanting them may help. I am still planting flower seeds although I was supposed to be done. With so many flowers that I love it's hard not to grow something that would cost so much more for one plant in the nursery and at home you can grow them for pennies. So far seeds sown inside include begonia, coleus, vinca, petunia, becopa, black eyed susan vine, blue sky vine (that's not the full name, I ordered them off amazon from a seller in India; beautiful vine), dicondra silver falls, pansies, violas, trailing geraniums, pelargoniums, and impatiens. I would still like to sow, lambs ear, African daisies, angolenia, millet, more petunia,vinca, and salvia. Of course there could be more but there would be no space or time. 

I have about 10 pansies left and the viola I started look horrible. I can't seem to master them but that won't stop me from trying in the summer for fall. Until then, it's almost time for pansy season and I can't wait to see them arrive at the nurseries.
Begonias, I'm thrilled. My one disappointment, not enough. The tiny ones just don't want to give up. I want to transplant the larger ones tonight if the soil I baked in the oven cools off soon. I have been home from work for hours and haven't gotten a thing done.

Coleus. Many won't be transplanted, probably only the larger ones and throw out the weaker ones or put them in one pot to see what they will do.
Many varieties were planted but many seem to have the same coloration. Time will tell. I don't see any chocolate mint coleus. They are my favorite. I had 10 pelleted seeds. Last season I didn't end up with many either. They seem more difficult.
Ivy leaf geraniums. They are doing well and some are still germinating.
Pelargonium. Only 5 out of I think 20. Poor germination rate. I have tried everything. I have some pink ones I am going to start. I wanted them for house plants but I'll see what they look like and what they do. They are a powdery pink color. I love pastel colored flowers.
Vinca that survived. Most of the seeds germinated but didn't grow and died. I ordered more. Even if they are not ready for spring they will make nice house plants and color in the fall.
One petunia has germinated. It looks different from the wave petunias I grew last winter.
This is a fuseable of petunia and becopa. Don't look too promising.
So far only 2 of 10 dicondra silver falls have germinated.
Two Pansies. It's amazing how slow they grow.

Alabama Sunset Coleus. I left these in water since fall. I keep breaking it off as it gets leggy but it's time to put it in soil now and start pinching.
Blooming in the house. Begonia still living.
Primrose still in bloom and actually added more blooms.
Still in bloom. The other 2 are actually still alive.
Coming soon! The Philadelphia Flower Show starting on Saturday. Friday is a preview day, for a price. I can wait until Saturday, snow expected and all.

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