Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Growing But Slow

Last season I started seedlings at the end of December. I regret not having done that this year. It was hard keeping plants alive until ready to plant outside but I felt better having fully grow plants by this time. The seedlings have a long way to go. With days now longer and Spring arriving next week maybe they will take off. Today was almost 70 degrees in Philly. I won't get too excited because tomorrow it will start raining, and Thursday it's not expected to get above freezing. On Friday, back to the 50's. 

The geraniums/pelargoniums are growing slowly but healthy. I still have to transplant many. Begonias look good but the leaf on one which was burned and is brown may not survive. I won't intervene and take it off.  Dicondra silver falls has it's first set of true silver leaves. Lambs ear and petunias are up. Some black Eyed Susan vine seeds have germinated but most still have to come up. The coleus are short but healthy. This may be a good thing and they may stay stocky and full. Time will tell. They are starting to show their coloration and I have more varieties than I thought. I want to sow more solid red ones and some versa this week. The vinca that lived are still alive, growing slowly. It's late but I have more vinca to plant. Hopefully these will be sowed this week. The few pansies I have in the kitchen window are hanging on. I mean, hanging on... Not to be dismayed, pansies are arriving in garden centers any day! I haven't been out into the yard to see what the winter sown seeds are doing.

I am anticipating all the trees in bloom; magnolias, dogwood, cherry blossoms. Seeing them has become my favorite part of spring. Walking under a tree with the wind blowing and their blossoms showering me like confetti is wonderful. Spring bulbs of course cannot be left out. I'm looking for the first crocus in my yard now that the snow has melted. It hasn't show it's face yet!


Pink Geraniums
Silver true leaves on dicondra silver falls have developed. All 10 seeds sown germinated.
This is what happens when you plant more than you need too. They have not yet been transplanted.


Geranium- they have a long way to go. 

Petunias. I won't buy seeds that are not pelleted again. It's too much work to sow all the seeds and have to separate them. 

 Black Eyed Susan Vine and Millet

Petunia and Lambs Ear 

Fusable of becopa and peutina. Looks like more petunia to me. Four of ten seeds survived.

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