Thursday, March 6, 2014

New and Old Seedlings

New seedlings on the shelf and a basil and thyme plant I bought from the supermarket for a dollar each. If they live it will save me the work of trying to grow them from seed. I tried herbs before from seed in the past with no success. I have sown millet, black eyed Susan vine, geraniums a pale pink color, and petunias. Dichondra silver falls, and thunbergia blue sky vine is also on the shelf. The seeds of blue sky have not germinated yet. I'm not surprised because they were chunky thick seeds and I didn't soak them before planting. 

I hope not to have begonia envy this spring when I see dragon wing begonias in the garden center for a monumental price. If my seedlings make it to spring I won't have to purchase any. I think they will, but you never know. I am so elated that they are doing so well. I can't wait to the summer to try some other begonia seeds I bought. That will be after all these seedlings are out of the house.

I stated in a previous post that impatiens don't require a lot of care but mine did not do well at all. I still have some. I will post them at another time. The pansies I have left are in my kitchen window with an egg carton of wave petunias. The petunias were from Ferry and Morse and did not do well. They were sown about 2 weeks ago and only one seed germinated.

I potted up the larger ones about a week ago. Look what happened to the tiny ones left. They actually grew and will not give up.
They have taught me to never throw out the little ones, just have patience.

The light may be too close. I think it burned the leaf.

Dichondra Silver Falls
Pink Geraniums
Coleus, still have others to pot up.

Vinca and on the right some ivy leaf geraniums.

Black Eyed Susan Vine
Geraniums/Pelargoniums- I need to transplant some more.

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