Tuesday, April 1, 2014

And a Girl's Thoughts Turn to Spring

And so it's Spring. Awaiting the trees in blooms. Not yet in Philly, but I have enjoyed photos posted by other bloggers of what's blooming in their area including magnolias, cherry blossoms, and dogwoods. These are some of my favorite. I can't leave out crape myrtle. I think they bloom later. Can you imagine planting bulbs for summer. It's just spring but I have to start canna and caladium to give them a head start until the ground warms up enough for them to be planted. I didn't get to everything, another day.
Any day now blooms.
I want to plant more crocuses in the fall. They are really pretty.
They come every spring in the center of my yard. They were planted by the previous owner of my house.
The smell is wonderful. It drew a fly onto the porch. I didn't know bees were already out until I planted the pansies outside. The birds also knew they were there. I have to find bulbs this large for fall. I haven't seen any this large before. The ones I bought are much smaller but the flowers as large. I have never had one with 2 blooms, maybe larger bulbs do this?

I have to show one of my favorites again, pansies.

Time to get started.
Pansies planted  outside in planters. The others will be planted after the last frost.

They look healthy.

Caladium. I have red ones to do another day.
Elephant Ear
Ten planted. More to go.

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