Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blooming in the Yard/Seedlings

The hyacinths are in bloom. Pretending I can smell them from my kitchen window but no luck. I really love their scent and maybe if I don't get involved with too many gardening task this year I can refrigerate some to force inside each month during the winter. Four days of warm temperatures is over. A day with soaking heavy rain and wind to be followed by temperatures below freezing tonight. I wanted to put up my small greenhouse and put the tropicals inside for some protection on the porch tonight but stopping after work to pick up dinner eliminated that. Everything I had on was soaked when I came through the door. It's cold and damp and I only want to be inside and warm. The canna and caladium will hopefully be okay on the porch. There is some protection with it being enclosed although unheated. 

I snapped pictures of the hyacinths in the yard this morning before work. Who does this? Gardeners do. I knew after work it would be raining and I wouldn't be able to take pictures. The first tulip has bloomed and is red. The picture was blurry so I won't post it. I include some pictures of the best looking seedlings. Nope, no pictures of the worst. The ivy leaf geraniums are healthy and look the best although small. I looked at some images of them on the web and those also show small foliage with lots of branching out and blooms. The leaves are smaller than other geraniums so maybe I'm expecting these large plants like last year but they may be normal size and will start to branch out some when planted. The black velvet geraniums and the pink ones are tiny. I am so disappointed. I would hate to buy geraniums but I like to put them on pots outside on my steps. They were beautiful in the garden center this weekend but I resisted!  Feeling sorry for nurseries who have plants outside uncovered tonight but what doesn't freeze may be discounted this weekend. Will have to go and check.

Vegetable seeds were not started. I regret this because I have seeds especially for containers that stay small. 

Hyacinths blooming in the yard.
Coleus. Some of the center leaves were pinched off today. I have some others that are smaller but growing.
They seem at a stand still and haven't grown more. I hoped they would bloom so I can see what they look like. I won't complain they're healthy and alive. The smaller ones are still alive and growing slowly. 

Ivy leaf geranium. This is the largest one. I need to remove the heat mat. No, it hasn't been on since seeds germinated.
Blue sky vine. I have 2. This one is twining itself around the electrical cord. I can't wait to see how this does. I hope the flowers are blue. I  ordered the seeds off amazon. What if the flowers aren't blue? I would be so disappointed because it's a beautiful vine invasive in some areas. With winter temperatures here it should be fine.

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