Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Now Tulips

Home on the Range. I will eventually remove the cover on the air conditioner, it's time. Air conditioners in the window don't look pretty. 
The sweet broom shrub and lavendula I planted in the flower be from last year appear to be dead. I am trying to give them time to show some green but I don't know. I am disappointed because they were both large and healthy last season and new purchases. They are both supposed to be hardy in my zone.
Three views of the window box. I planted lots of bubs in this window box but you can see what came up. Of course the squirrels ate well or raccoons. Do they eat bulbs? I have one that uses my tree as a ladder to the roof and the larger tree in a neighbors yard. One night I came home and he was looking at me from the tree. He didn't move and of course I couldn't go inside for a while because he wouldn't move. I actually like raccoons, they're pretty but in the city you have to worry about any wild animal having rabies. I will plant more bulbs in the boxes in the fall they're pretty. My next project after they bloom is to take all the soil out and line the box with a plastic liner to hold in some of the water so it doesn't all drain out. The box was so dry last summer.

You wouldn't know that at least 20 bulbs were planted in each container. Is this what happens when you plant them in February? I think the frigid temperatures on the porch got to them.

I have to do something with these shrubs. A severe pruning is in order. These are last years tulips. They didn't look like this last spring the leaves are huge the second year and aren't as tidy and upright. They will be pulled after they bloom.
The coral bell sure looks better. I have work to do.
A cozy bed, good reading for tonight. They all came in the mail today. The only thing missing is a warm fire and a cup of coffee. If I were sitting in the living room I would have one because it's cold in the house. Crisp and windy outside and expected to go do to the 40's I think. I'm trying to get better with orchids and I bought the Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten to see what I can possibly force this Fall and Winter in the house. I'll let you know what I think of the books. They both had good reviews.

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