Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Seedlings

No pictures, maybe on the weekend. Coleus, begonia, blue sky vine all doing well. Some of the black eye Susan vines are healthy, some don't look too good. I've killed a lot of seedlings trying to get fungus gnats under control! Oh well. I can't say I'm not disappointed. I will be buying more annuals than I planned to. The geraniums are still alive and growing slowly. They are my greatest disappointment because next week is supposed to be the last frost and they are not ready to be hardened off or planted out. I did read that the type of geraniums I have grow slower. 

My four pansies are on the porch. One has always been the strongest and it remains looking the healthiest. I wonder if it will live and eventually bloom before temperatures heat up? If one survives and reaches adult size I would be happy. It will help me learn what not to do this summer when I try some again. The millet seedlings are still living but about the same size. I wonder when they will take off? I killed most of the lambs ear with spray but I have plenty more seeds if I choose to sow them. They are perennial and can be started later and planted out in the summer to continue growing and flourish next season.

 I ordered more seeds for dichondra falls, coleus chocolate covered cherry, and petunias weeks ago but I didn't start them. They probably will wait until winter 2014. With so many failures this year, I don't want to start anything else. I do want to start some plants during the summer to grow inside over winter but that will be much later when the front, back yard, window boxes, and all of the pots have been planted. I did sow a small amount of vinca a couple of weeks go. Only one petunia has survived and looks healthy; what a tease. 

A different soil for transplanting seedlings will need to be researched. Miracle grow potting soil in my opinion is not a good quality soil to transplant seedlings in. The texture and composition of the mix is horrible. I am favoring going back to peat discs instead of coir for seed starting. Seedlings this year compared to last years are vastly different. Last year was more successful although I had fewer seedlings and varieties and they were started with peat. Did you start seeds and how are they doing?

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