Monday, April 14, 2014

The Weekend

Warm weather has a way of make gardeners go wild and make unplanned purchases. It was packed at the garden center this weekend. I gave in and bought annuals that are not ready to be planted yet. Now to keep them alive and healthy until time to plant. Why did I do it? The pansies aren't done yet so there really is no room in the sidewalk planters for annuals. The coral bells and lirope have not put out new foliage yet. I believe our last frost is the 20th although we have had days above 80 already. Better than snow and below zero temperatures but 80 degrees already was a bit much. Tulips in the window box are just starting to form blooms but have not yet put on their show. I want to wait until their blooms are spent and remove them from the box to prepare it for annuals. A liner of some sort to retain water would sure be helpful, but removing all the soil to line the box is a monumental job. Last summers plant performance was limited. I did water but there was little water retention even with using water retention beads.  I'm still contemplating. 

So what have I been doing? On Saturday the garden center and grocery shopping for hours. Sunday included scraping and painting the outside stoop where I keep my container on the steps. My daughter wanted to grill so I put the wood chips on and lit it because she will grill but does not want to start the grill. Fine with me; after painting and doing work out front I was too tired to start dinner. Today was a one day spring break from work with another one to look forward to. Spring break is usually a whole week off but with 8 snow days we are lucky to have been given 2 days; It's nice to have a 3 day work week. I painted the front gate this afternoon and planned to spray plant a planter for the front of the house and plant a pot of hosta out back but that will wait for another day. The wind eliminated spray painting anything. Besides painting I really relaxed, much needed. No laundry, nothing just rest. It was a beautiful day. Warm and windy with the aroma of spring.

Had to have some eye candy.

Sunny day in the yard.
Bulbs continuing to come up.

Hyacinths are in bloom now. When I took this they had not long ago come up.
On the porch. Petunias and snapdragons.
Petunia, viola, and another plant. I didn't look at the tag. 
I have one more flat. The picture didn't come out well and I didn't retake it.
Canna starting to come. Many of the containers have growth.
Time to sit the bulb containers outside.
Out front.
The window boxes.

Lambs Ear. One plant I grew from seed last winter. It really did well. Coreopsis to the left.
Poppies from Bluestone Perennials planted last spring.
Heuchera starting to add new growth.

The shrubs suffered badly over the winter. I am thinking of removing them. The pansies have suffered some burnt edges from the cold. Not impressive but a start.

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