Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why I Garden

This morning I prepared a salad to take to moms for Easter dinner. Of course one was also made for home so I have no excuse about what lunch will be tomorrow. There's nothing like a fresh salad to encourage me to eat better and work on decreasing my weight. Haven't been too successful on the "loose the weight part". Living a healthier lifestyle is important for all ages but seems more important to me as I age with grace. What is healthier than going outside the kitchen door and picking vegetables for the meal. No pesticides, organic, healthy, deliciousness. I will try to keep this in mind when I need to possibly pick worms and water in ninety degree weather. 

First I have to start the vegetables, that would help. I did buy seedlings of tomato, chives, pepper, and broccoli, and Swiss chard. Shouldn't be to late to still start cucumbers and tomatoes. I will have to do my research. I have some for containers that stay compact and I would like to try them. The ones purchased are not looking too good on my porch waiting for better weather. I guess I should plant the broccoli out now since is doesn't mind cool weather. Hopefully all frost is past. It's a new week with 4 day predicted in the 70's. Lets see how night time temperatures do.

Next, pineapple pound cake! Didn't I just talk about healthy eating? Well I love to bake but I don't bake often because I also like to eat it. I remember as a child sitting in the kitchen watching my mother bake. This is how I learned. She taught me to clean up as I go, get all of the ingredients measured first, and keep the sides of the mixing bowl clean while you beat the cake. I still try to do this but the kitchen was a wreck when I finished. I realized that my daughter had eaten the can of crushed pineapples I had for the cake. They had been there for a couple of months when I planned to bake this cake before but decided I didn't need a cake in the house. Today is the day. She went to get me another can of pineapples. I like a recipe I use from Country Cakes a book my mother has and I keep forgetting to order myself a copy. When in need the internet is excellent. When it comes to traditional pound cakes they usually are mostly the same with some slight differences. I used this recipe before and like it for the cake.
Neon pothos in the kitchen window.
I set up my computer so I can look at the recipe as I go although since I've been baking for so long I kind of remember that butter, shortening, and sugar are creamed first. Followed by 6 eggs, then flour with baking powder sifted together and milk. And last, pure vanilla and crushed pineapples.
Some southern products I like. I buy the corn meal for fish and corned bread stuffing. I like the Martha White for this cake. My mother prefers White Lily. I use them both.
Ingredients gathered.
Cream butter, shortening, and sugar together.
Can you see the mistake. I started to add flour and then remembered all six eggs get mixed in first. The cake will survive.
Add 3 cups flour and 1/4 cup milk.
Crushed pineapples and vanilla last.
Did you take your finger and scoop up what was left in the bowl as a child?
I use a tube pan with a removable insert. I line the bottom with wax paper first then spray the pan with Pam or oil with shortening followed by dusting with flour.
Try not to get the mix on the sides. Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour and 10 minutes until cake pulls away from the sides.
Now to get the tube out without further tearing up the cake.  The cake gets a glaze while warm with pineapples, powdered sugar, and butter. This won't happen today because I need to get dressed for dinner at moms. Sorry that the last couple of pictures were blurry. I was rushing.

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