Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gardening in the Spring-Out Front

I woke up early this morning like it was a work day. Early to bed, early to rise makes Trish ready to garden. I won't do much out here this morning. I have more to do in the yard. I did plant a bare root helenium, 2 gerbera dasies, and 2 seedlings. The porch is holding lots of plants waiting to go into the window boxes. I probably won't get to that this weekend. The plan for today, cut the crab grass in the yard, dead head pansies and hyacinths that have finished blooming, and do some planting.

The arborvitae needs some brown areas removed although I pruned off some other areas earlier this spring. If it improves this Summer it will stay. If not, on to another shrub.
How can you not love pansies? If they only survived in the heat.

Waiting patiently for the tulips to finish so other flowers on the porch can be planted.
And I thought pansies were the only show off. Spring bulbs are next in line. Salvia is under the bulbs. I will pull the tulips when they finish so it can get sun and hopefully do better this summer. The growth was limited since it was planted next to a peony. I took it out in the fall.

I love the catmint. I looked for more at the garden center on Friday but it was sold out. 
I love the red with the catmint and the silver from the lambs ear. I think this will be my future color scheme. I bought 2 red gerbera daises so that when the tulips have finished blooming I still can have the red color.
I planted a perennial in the empty space between the heuchera and the lambs ear. It was beautiful in the fall but it didn't make it. Another opportunity to plant another perennial here during the summer instead of the fall which may increase the chance of it surviving to next spring. The winter was really harsh and I lost both perennials I planted out here last fall. As I mentioned before the lavender and the sweet broom shrub also did not survive.
The poppies get larger every week. The echinacea has show up, at least one plant. I planted 2 thunbergia blue grandaflora seedlings next to the brick and put the trellis up for them to crawl. I didn't harden them off but hopefully they will survive.

Vinca has crawled from my neighbors flower bed into mine. I like the flowers but I don't necessarily want it in my bed. It takes over. It will be pulled out on another day by the roots. Now on to the yard but first I need to take some plants off the porch.

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