Saturday, May 17, 2014

In The Yard-Saturday

Unexpectedly I went in the yard this afternoon. After shopping all morning and not arriving back home until after 2:00, gardening wasn't in the plan. It was until I stayed out all morning. Next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and since it's my time to barbecue I had to get started some where. I still have flowers to plant, especially the window boxes. I have neglected them so far and hopefully the geraniums I bought will still be alive by the time they get to the box that receives sun. The other box is shaded by the tree and will have impatiens and coleus.

These pictures were taken at 6:00 pm. Look at the sky. Longer days and more day light. That's one of the best parts of  Summer.
Yes, I broke down and bought it. Aren't they beautiful. Maybe not too exciting to those who already have them. I had one years ago as a Mother's Day gift. It didn't do well in the ground in my yard and eventually died. Lets see how it does in a pot. My mother also gave me one last year from her yard in Georgia. Her hydrangea are also blue. It died. My sister's neighbor gave me a baby one last  summer that also died. I hope this is not telling me something. I decided this Summer I need to start adding more perennial shrubs and less annuals that require replanting every year. I will never stop buying annuals but I need more foundation plants. I hope it lives. My next planned purchase when I find one in a color that I like, a rose for another container. I would be upset if this dies over the winter like many of the container shrubs I had last winter.
The unknown bulbs were alliums. I know it looked like an allium before it bloomed but I don't remember planting more. What happened to the bulbs I planted from Georgia? Summer has not arrived. Maybe they were summer bulbs.
The black planter under the hydrangea is supposed to be under the other black planter by the fence but I would have to dig up the rose bush which I haven't been able to pry from the ground I want the container in this spot. Some iris were dug up and will be moved. They have never bloomed yet. My sister gave them to me two years ago and they are still very small. Maybe when pots are discounted in November I can find a smaller black one or eventually dig up the rose and move it. The hydrangea will go in the corner near the cedar planter on top of a smaller blue ceramic planter. Making use of what I have.

Bleeding Heart still blooming. The fern is trying to take over the planter.

Two years ago this peony had hundreds... of blooms. I counted 4 today. It will receive a topping of manure this fall. When I used it before, I was rewarded.

Garlic looking wild.
I hope everyone does better with their veggies. This is the second time I've bought cucumbers. The last ones died before planting.  Got to water them or they will meet the same fate before planting. Going to make an effort tomorrow to plant the vegetables. 
Seeds sown last summer. They didn't come up until this year. I don't even know what they are.
You know pansies have to be shown.

The impatiens are doing good.

The white clematis died during the winter. Room for another one.  
Tomorrow the tulip heads have to be topped off and I need to clean up the foliage so it looks neater. Also the vegetables are waiting to be planted. The table has to be put back together and chairs taken from the basement. Sometime next week. The more that can be done ahead of time the better. It's amazing the amount of preparation required for a family dinner. I enjoy entertaining. The prep, not so much.

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