Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lone Pansy Seedling

While outside after work drilling holes in pots and planting geraniums, I picked up the last surviving pansy seedling. What did my eyes behold? It bloomed. It took 6 months for the seedling to bloom and it's such a pitiful small bloom. This being said, I was thrilled. It certainly doesn't look like the pansies I bought from the nursery but I learned some things about growing them. There is more to growing them at home than I know or have read about. I have done many searches on the web in the last 3 years about growing pansies from seed. The sites I looked at have great looking pansies in a shorter period of time and they look good. I am always envious. I have seen others that looked similar to mine. 

The fact that one survived and bloomed only encourages me to continue searching for a blogger who grows their own pansies at home and has had good success and will give solid facts for envious unsuccessful pansy lovers like myself. Some sites I have viewed and continue to go over thinking I missed something include and
Another web page I look at is
Home pansy growers lets talk because as you know, summer is pansy starting season for fall planting. Do I dare try again? I need to give the seed starting station a good disinfecting  and clean all the trays and pots.
The bloom is dark purple and white.

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