Monday, May 26, 2014

Remembering My Mother

Last August I wrote about my mom in, Georgia on My Mind. Never could I imagine that 2014 would be the year that my mother would leave me to be with the Lord. My mother was like no other mother I have met. I have always had shelter, a clean home, meals prepared with love, and a mother that loved her children and passed on to them the morals and values she was raised with. She was the voice of wisdom, encouragement, and hope. I never wanted for anything growing up although our family was not wealthy but working class parents. She always encouraged us to do our best and when we became parents she was a wonderful grandmother. She encouraged each of her 3 children to pursue their dream. 

When I went to see her yesterday at the family home for the last time I couldn't believe my mother had left and didn't tell me. I somehow thought I would know. At this time I can't see myself ever going back to her home in Georgia although I know one or more of her children will have to go. It would be bittersweet to visit my aunt and uncle who live on the same street and not know my mother is not in her home to greet me.

When I got out of bed this morning after taking many phone calls all night from family that could not sleep either, the first thing I saw was a male cardinal in my flower pot. How beautiful. I don't know if life will be as joyous for me or gardening. I looked at the container on my mom's porch I planted. The flowers are beautiful. In her yard the roses are in bloom and the plants she planted are beautiful and in bloom. I watered plants in her kitchen window and will soon bring them to my home and pray they live. I love you mom and I miss you. I never expected you to go so soon.

Betty Burrell February 25, 1943-May 25, 2014

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