Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Tiny Tomatoes

Not much gardening has been taking place, especially in the yard. It's feeling like summer with plenty of heat and humidity. The ground is dry in the yard with no sign of all the moss that covered it all spring. Grilling yesterday evening I took some pictures but nothing pretty to post. I will show my tomatoes. I had blooms last week and was pleasantly surprised to see tomatoes yesterday. Not sure know when to harvest Swiss chard but I'd better check before something eats it before me. Hard to believe July 4th is next Friday. I usually have a family barbecue but I will have to think about it this year. Yes I want to maintain family traditions even if my mother is no longer here but I'm not feeling it. I will decide. We also have a wedding around this time so it will be busy. Haven't ordered the pansy/viola seeds yet. I need to soon so they can get started.

My favorites, turkey burger.

Four tomatoes.
Swiss Chard

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