Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some insect is eating well again this year.

Didn't realize until I saw this picture that the lambs ears have bloomed.
The foliage from tulips is yellow and ready to trim. Maybe another day. Not in the mood today to do anything other than take these pictures. I went out to put out the trash and it was such a sunny pretty morning that I went back in for the camera.
The grass is not what I thought it would be. It has blooms that look like wheat.

Lets see if the pansies make it through June?

I didn't buy white poppies. I guess the order got mixed up.

Sedum in bloom. I don't like it when it gets like this because once the blooms fade it appears messy and the old blooms cannot be shaken off.
Day Lilly

Coral bell in bloom. The blooms are not as pretty as last year.
Balloon Flower
Coneflower. It looks like it's getting powdery mildew already.

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