Saturday, June 21, 2014

The First Day Of Summer

Asparagus fern is the first over the side of the window box. Nothing exciting with the box. The other window box is doing well with ivy geranium, zonal geraniums, dwarf arborvite, algerian ivy, and sweet potato vine. I will show pictures on another day. It's pretty from the street but difficult to photograph.

The sweet potato vine is acting nice so far and hasn't started to take over the planter.

The red color is even brighter in person.

Lambs ear still in bloom.

And to think I didn't like the grass. It actually is pretty to me and so I won't pull it up. It is in an odd spot. I should of payed more attention to the label to see how tall it would grow. I thought it would stay small like it was in the spring. I don't think I will move it.

The day Lillie's are really pretty this year. The increase in size each year.

This is the first day I realized that the dragon wing begonia seedling survived. I had 2 in this planter and thought they had died. It's not giving up. Makes me change my mind and try again with them in the fall. They require more time to get to a good size than the time for starting listed on the pack of seeds.

No sign of downy mildew yet.
Lets see how the canna do. 
Insects seemed to love the new planting of canna. Some type of infection is also on the peony leaf seedling.
Three canna planted. I have more in the yard to be planted.
There were many bees on the plants as I cleaned up the flower bed. They completely ignored me. He is loving the salvia. A fungus is on the lambs ear. I picked off some leaves but not all.
I planted this last fall. The other perennials I planted last fall didn't make it. I planted another one in the back this spring. It doesn't look promising.
Balloon flower. It's really tall this year.
Echinacea. What's the matter with it?
Don't want to see the violas and pansies go but it's time.
I'll take better pictures of the sidewalk planters on another day. My excuse was the sun.

Variegated canna, lirope, impatiens, and coleus. It's amazing what color does. After planting the impatiens a cardinal immediately landed in the planter.

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