Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And Then There Was Light

Ninety-four degrees today with blowing winds. Started working in the front, day 2 and moved to the back. My yard is extra shaded this summer due to Norway maples hanging over the yard from my neighbors trees. In the fall I hope to have the branches cut on my side but until then, I'm the tree lady. Got my pole and cut the branches that were hanging too low.  Almost broke my neck on a small 3 step ladder when one branch fell on me and I thought of caterpillars. They were on the tree as I thought. Knew that they are on the tree because I can see webs on the tree and I found some on the plants last summer. 

I can't believe what a difference it made. The yard is so brighter.The plants that were shaded will love this. Hosta's are shade plants but all plants need some light. This should eliminate the powdery mildew that plagued the plants last summer and this summer. Too much shade, heat, and humidity. Discovered that one of three black eyed Susan's planted in the fall was up. Made me happy. Next year maybe they will multiply. For now, a single stalk will do. Carex planted in fall is still there under the peony and hosta. Will need to move them in the fall because they are completely covered.

So what do I envision for the yard next season? Yes I am thinking of next season. I've surprised myself. Since I couldn't die when my mother left and was left here to live, I guess I should. I didn't think I would enjoy anything but it gets better. I will never stop missing or thinking of her. She is my inspiration and love. I love you mom. Next season I would love for the flower bed near the fence to be filled with perennials that come up like the front flower bed. 

I will push the limits of dappled shade by putting in ornamental grass. There is one ornamental grass I know of for shade but it's low growing and I want tall grass.When more branches are cut from the maples it should give this area a little more light. I want all shrubs to be in containers and hopefully I'll find a rose bush for a container that I like when the prices drop with the nearing of the end of the season. This fall I plan to plant bulbs earlier, maybe and absolutely clean up the yard at the end of the season because this was a nightmare this past spring. I hope that it will look good enough to enter it into the garden contest next year.

All the branches I can reach blocking those houses will be cut.
The branches almost killed my peony. Last year I had to cut off the foliage due to powdery mildew.
And there was light.
Houses now visible. I wasn't trying to see them but to get the branches cleared to get more light.
Love the elephant ear but the fern is another thing. It's branches are laying down covering all the plants. Hidden are impatiens, begonia, and spider plant. I have to do something with it.
Day Lillie's are in this pot. I made the mistake of letting wild violets take over the pot and drain nutrients so they aren't big and have little blooms this year. The violets will be pulled.
Peony were not dead headed after blooming. I'm surprised how good it still looks.
Black Eyed Susan among the hosta.
Lots of empty spaces. slugs ate 3 heuchera and some hosta. The rose bush actually looks good with no black rot yet this year. Several astible have gone for the season one actually formed a small feathered flower. One is left and looks eaten and will soon disappear until next spring due to the heat. I would like to dig that one up before it disappears and put the roots in a plastic bag with small holes to create a bog. I wonder if it would last all season this way with extra moisture staying in? The box woods have still not been planted in the ground. The yard is part of my project before I go back to work to get some perennials in the ground so they can have good root formation before the ground freezes. I look forward to planting bulbs in the fall. Squirrels dug and ate the plants in the black container. I was shocked. A coleus and petunia are left along with huge holes in the soil.
I really like the red impatiens. Will repeat them next season but with more. Can't believe the rose bush is this full at this time of year.
There is one blueberry left on the bush. Still waiting to be planted in a container as is the hosta. I ate 4 super tiny blueberries off already. Can't wait till next year when I may have some sizable blueberries.
My coleus seedlings still in their 5" containers. They will go in the ground along the fence. I will use 5% dust on them to hopefully keep slugs or other insects from eating them.
This area of the flower bed has always been difficult to plant. I did actually have large sunflower plants here one summer. Lots of possibilities.
Waiting for red tomatoes.
The 5 feet tomatoes. The garlic has to be pulled. The tops have long since dried up. Hope it's okay.

The coleus and geraniums are what is left of my seedlings. I threw the other geraniums out. Petunia that have been sitting all summer. Planned on planting them and then life had other plans. I will get to them.
The hydrangea were so beautiful. I hated to see the color fade. They are so small that I don't want to cut off the blooms until the end of the season. I don't want to kill it like I have kill other hydrangea. I thought petunias would not bloom in shade but they proved me wrong. I will have to try them in other areas of the yard next season. The blooms actually seem to last longer in the shade. Can't wait to see it bloom next spring and see the blue color.

Bleeding heart. Amazing that it's living in the heat. New blooms would be nice.

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