Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Don't Plant Perennials in the Heat

I planted the tickweed and black eyed Susan vine today against gardening recommendations not to transplant perennials in the summer heat. Do as experts recommend not as I did. They looked beautiful when planted and watered. Later in the day I was sorry. Can't wait to go outside tomorrow and see what they look like. I was anxious to get them in the ground an acclimated before the garden contest. In the future I will follow recommendations and not plant them or wait for a cloudy or cooler day. Looked pretty when I finished though but I'll be upset if they die. Hyacinth vines were also planted on the trellis, one small salvia that my sister gave me yesterday, and the red salvia was moved to another location. It didn't seem to be thriving in the spot it was in. Didn't want to but the blooms on the lambs ears was deadheaded and I deadheaded some other plants and it actually looked even neater than yesterday.

Can't wait to see how the daises do in it's second year. I had some before that took over the flower bed. Didn't know then what I know now and that shouldn't be a problem this time. Waiting for the canna to get taller and bloom. Last year the one in the yard didn't bloom until September.

Undecided as to deadhead them or not. Looks like aster yellow to me. I hope not because I will have to get rid of the whole plant.

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