Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot...

Plants sure can survive in all types of weather. I felt sorry for mine and have been watering them for the past 2 days. There is no excuse not to water them since I have the summer off from work. They look better with the watering. Not many blooms and I need to trim some of the creeping plants/shrubs. Trying to wait to find out what day the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is expected to come judge my front garden. I entered their gardening contest that they have every year. The category I  entered was for container gardening. It focuses on most of the gardening being done in containers. It can also include front porches, balconies, and other areas. 

July and August is a bad time of year for a plant contest with the heat. That's probably why they come in July and August because if you can keep the plants blooming, healthy, and looking well that says something about the gardener and the care given. Many plants in July and August start to look stressed and have passed their bloom time for flowering. Petunias that will provide a lot of color get leggy although they can be cut back to wait for more blooms and new growth. Wish I had gotten some zinnias when I saw them in the store; but I'm sure there are many flowering annuals still in nurseries and garden centers. I'm going to add some fresh color when I know they're coming. Waiting for a mailing that will give instructions on how to prepare for them and what they expect, and suggestions. Wish me luck.

Filling out nicely.

Nothing special going on there but glad to see color and something there.

Coleus is doing good in the sun as long as I water it.
The blue thunbergia grandaflora has done nothing. I will probably take down the trellis or go get some hyacinth vine plants from my sister's house. I will be forced to cut the blooms off the lambs ear eventually.
The cone flower is not looking good. Probably has some type of disease.
The balloon flower is pretty but needs to be stalked this year.
Second sidewalk planter.

I love my babies. Amazing what can be grown from seed with a little patience. I didn't grow the pink one though. I like darker colored coleus so of course I will grow chocolate mint again next year. I don't know from what seed pack the other darker one came from but I like this one too.

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