Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In The Yard

A few tomatoes and not much more to show at least nothing pretty. My elephants ear did come up. So far it has one leaf. The tomatoes have already outgrown their cage. There's plenty still to plant but I haven't done it...yet, soon.

Beautiful sky but it's the quiet before the storm. Thunderstorms are expected tomorrow from tropical storm Arthur moving North. Won't bother me. The temperatures are expected to be about the same tomorrow so I will be in the house. I may go in the yard to see what I can clean up and make look better in the flower beds.

Waiting for the cherry tomatoes to get red so they can be picked.

This fern is something else. I may put her in the ground this fall. She requires a lot of room.
Elephant eat finally came up.
New Guinea Impatiens. Was virtually dead on the porch but came back in the yard.

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