Friday, July 18, 2014

Mom's Planter

I started this planter last October for my mother with pansies and a dwarf shrub. In the spring tulips, and later coleus, petunias, one gerbera daisy, salvia, sedum, and sweet potato vine. Two coleus are massive. My brother has watered and maintained it well in addition to a kind reminder from the neighbor next door to take care of it. My mother would be shocked to see how large the coleus grew. I remember her watching me adding plants the weekend before Mother's Day. I din't know she was watching me. I thought she was in the kitchen. I looked back and saw her in the doorway with an expression of love on her face. I didn't understand why she was looking the way she was looking but now I know. I think she was taking me in as her daughter and remembering me before she left us not long after. I miss my mother. I know it will get better but, I will always think of her until we meet again.

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