Monday, August 4, 2014

Lazy, Hazy, Days of Summer-Out Front

It's hard to believe summer is almost over, and fall my favorite season is approaching. As for me, these are the lazy hazy days of summer as I haven't felt motivated to do much on my list of things to do while off this summer. Loosing mom changed everything. Outside the plants are thriving with periodic watering from mother nature. Pollinators love the flowers, with prolific visits from bumblebees, praying mantis, grass hoppers, and all type of flying and crawling insects. Several mornings ago I opened the door to the porch. Horror gripped me. On the porch window was the largest grasshopper I have ever seen. 

Didn't he know that he was supposed to be outside not inside? With no help from my visiting nephew who is also afraid of insects, and lots of squealing screams from me as I tried to get it to leave the porch with a broom, the grasshopper flew off the porch. My neighbors had to think I had lost it. If that grasshopper had flew on me, I would have died. He could eat a lot of leaves and that's how he probably got on my porch drawn by the containers on the step and eventually hopped onto the porch to see what edible delectable plants were there to munch on. I try not to kill certain insects.

I like the variegated canna.

All in bloom again after judging from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Would have been nice if they bloomed 2 weeks ago.

Finally some action on the trellis.

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