Sunday, October 5, 2014

Out Front

I water the planter every other day to hopefully keep the mums living till the end of October. By then they will probably need to be replaced since the blooms will be spent and this will take the planter to November and Thanksgiving. Finally no planting for Christmas only evergreen branches and trimmings.

Pansies and some violas. Thirty two pansies for $7.00.

I love the ruffled ones.
Flat of mums. I had orange ones but decided on the red.
One sidewalk planter before. I took cuttings of the red coleus. Chocolate mint coleus was like a bush and the stalks and leaves too big to keep. I can grow it again from seed. That was one seedling.

Second Planter. The lime coleus lost lots of color with the cooling temps. 
I took cuttings of this one. I love red and dark colored coleuses.
Only one canna planted out front bloomed but it was a pretty peach. It amazes me that for such large plants the blooms are so small. I have so many bulbs from one canna. The bulbs are huge and it multiplied into so many more future canna. This is a good way to get free plants. I pulled them from the planters although they are hardy in my region, when I left one in the backyard planter last fall it didn't survive. I think they are more hardy in the ground not in planters. I'll see if the ones left in the ground will return in the spring when the soil warms up.

I took the sedum out. I think I take it out every year only to see it reappear in spring.
First planter after.

Second Planter

Added small mum and some pansies.

Ajuga. Didn't know it bloomed in the fall.
Canna to the left was cut and stalked balloon flowers were cut and stakes taken out. The trellis was also taken down.

Coleus Cuttings

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