Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spring Dreaming in October

Tucked in bed, a cool night and the heater feels good. Lounging is not what I had planned after work but while coming upstairs to change work clothes and get comfortable I caved in and my bedroom felt more cozy than the sofa down stairs. There were plans for Friday night cleaning, laundry, and maybe starting to clean off the seed starting shelf. The cuttings on the porch have to come in this weekend. Forty degree nights have them wilting and they may not survive. A fern and a succulent are still on the porch. I can't find my house and garden spray to spray the plants before bringing them inside. Well, I don't feel guilty, after all I did spend a long day at work. I deserve to rest tonight and do what else but shop for seeds and bulbs. I blame another gardening blog. The blogger was sharing some bulbs he purchased. Two of my favorites ranunoculus and anemones. 

While driving after work I saw a beautiful display of white anemones in someones yard. I think there are 2 types the ones that are the shorter ones and the taller Japanese ones. They were white and beautiful. I guess the ones that bloom in fall enjoy cooler temperatures. So I misbehaved although many of the unusual variety of bulbs I wanted were already sold out, different types of elephant ears, caladium, and canna. Hopefully they will restock since it's not time for summer bulbs yet and I'll get to order some later as well as some begonias that I love. I've never grown begonias from tubers before. So, while I have dream of the appearance of the first spring bulbs peaking up in the snow, I'll enjoy what mine looked like this past spring, and maybe...order my seeds.

While I wait for spring, I'll enjoy forcing some paper whites soon.

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