Friday, November 28, 2014

Autumn is Special & the Seedlings

It's the day after Thanksgiving and this is the day I enjoy best because I can relax and really enjoy it. Its cold outside 32 degrees but a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and a light wind. I would love to go out into the yard and rake leaves and clean up some of the pots from summer but maybe tomorrow. I want to relish the warmth of today inside by a fire if I ever get it lit. I have some fat wood to start it but it needs to be cut. 

My car has never given me trouble except for a new battery and replacing the tires. Last night when I went out to start it to take my dad home it wouldn't start. I was not going to be outdone and it started drove fine there and back. I just got a battery in May. The battery died the day of my mother's funeral. I hope it's not time for a new car. I've never had real car problems.

A surprise delivery today, seeds. I ordered more geraniums because I've had a problem with the seeds from Swallowtail. I thought it was the seeds because several germinated and then lost their seed leaves; just disappeared. Some germinated and were yellow. It could be the seeds since I started with new unused trays. I don't know if I'll end up with any that reach adulthood so since it's early I ordered more to start. The first seedlings germinated in 2 days so I thought all would but that didn't happen. They're still germinating slowly. 

Today I just removed the humidity tray but didn't remove them from the heat mat. When I removed 4 seedlings that germinated the first 3 died and the other 2 are struggling. I will have to rethink what to do before I plant the new seeds. Would love to sow seeds today but would have to clean and bleach old seed trays. Not likely to get done today. I'm excited about the yellow foxglove seeds. I grew one plant to adulthood several years ago and it was beautiful. They're one of my favorites although I have many favorites.  

I forgot Black Friday. Never thought to look and see if seed trays and other gardening items are discounted. Dangerous thought, bye!

My view from the couch. Nope, ginger ale. Would love a Pepsi or some sweet tea. Always nice to drink beverages from a pretty glass. I know, water is best. I do drink a lot already and don't have to worry about calories and sugar.  
One plate still set for a guest tonight.
Dragon wing begonia. You can see them now. They actually started out smaller. I have found these trays again from Burpee. They're too high though even on Amazon. I will order some in December for starting other seeds because you can keep seeds in these trays for a long time before transplanting. I counted about 20. I'll have patience and wait on the last 5. If not it's still a good germination rate. These do well from seed. I won't need to buy them again. The other 2 begonia peach and go go yellow have not germinated. Still holding out hope that they will.
Maverick geraniums. Still more to germinate. They don't look too promising. We'll see what happens.
I had to remove the top because they were touching it.
Two more to germinate

Seeds from Outsidepride. I've never ordered from them but most other companies I order from had sold out the type of geraniums I wanted. I read the reviews on Dave's garden watch before I ordered.

I hope these do well. They should. Coleus usually aren't fussy.
I had a good variety that year. Still have seeds from that year. Will sow them this year and see what comes up.
Seedlings and some others marigold and a plant from blue stone perennials  that I didn't grow. This was a good seed growing year for me.
Geraniums seedlings. They were huge by the end of summer.

My vinca and impatien seedlings
I can't believe I grew that foxglove from seed, but I did. It was small the first year. Lived all winter with leaves outside then increased in size and bloomed the second year. I was horrified when it started to die after blooming then I remembered that they are biennial. Would never buy one for the price they charge for one when it can be grown form seed with some patience.There were lots of seeds but sometimes plants may be sterile. Not one seedling germinated. If you look closely  there is also a small lambs ear seedling in front of the dusty miller. This is the huge lambs ear I now have out front. I'm amazed what can be grown from seed.

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