Monday, November 10, 2014

First to Germinate & Thinking of Pansies

I haven't been anxiously looking at the seed trays every time I pass by them. Tonight I went over to tap the tray to take the condensation from the humidity covers. What did my eyes behold but, one seed had germinated. Shocking that it would in 2 days. Geranium maverick white is the first to push it's head through the soil. The seedling looks strong and stocky. Too soon to remove it from the heat mat. Only 1 has germinated. Maybe in a couple of days the rest will follow. No real need for excitement unless they make it to mature plants ready to harden off in the spring.

Next pansies. I told myself I wouldn't but I've been thinking about what worked when I first started pansies several years ago. How could I forget? I remembered that they grew in a window. Never became leggy and I had tons of seedlings. So I think I'll try that again. After they germinate, I'll put them in the bedroom window where they'll get lots of light. Light is not the key although important. The most important thing is that the window is cooler than sitting on a plant stand under lights.

When my daughter was in college, I started my first seedling in her window. Everything did well. Many people write that seedlings will get leggy and not get enough light on a windowsill, but people have been doing this a long time. Shop lights and plant stands were not always the rage. My daughter's room was cooler and the cool air radiates from the window pane.  The problem will be, remembering that I have them in the spare bedroom which I rarely enter unless going in to get something stored there. That's a plan for tomorrow. Maybe taping a sign on the outside of the door will remind me to water them. I'll use the seeds I have and not order anything new. Hope there's time tomorrow to start them.

Said I wouldn't remove the lid. Didn't want to jinx myself. Couldn't resist.

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