Saturday, November 15, 2014

Frightened Into Action...Bulb Planting

This is a beautiful time of year. The beauty and colors of the leaves are unspeakable. Its almost like they have their own light. Their golden gleam lights up my yard and makes a beautiful view through my bedroom window. The leaves will soon all turn. Their color and light is brilliant. Nature declares the glory of God! When I think of their light I think of this scripture.

 Revelations 21:23, And the city does not need the sun or moon to shine on it, for the Glory of God gives it light, and the lamb is it's lamp.

So, the snow showers and frozen soil in the window boxes made me think, "now or not this fall." Last year I planted bulbs in maybe January. Snow flurries were falling as I planted. Not doing that this year. Soil in the yard was still soft and leaf covered. I still also need to plant that arborvitae. Bulbs are beautiful in the spring but planting hundreds of bulbs doesn't feel fun. I'll remind myself of this next fall when they start to woo me!

Time to plant.

They say to scatter but I have to do better than this. Lay them with the pointed top up. They're still solid and healthy.

Do I look excited to be doing yard work and planting bulbs. Okay I'll have more enthusiasm.

I have a lot of pots to clean out. Need to get a tarp for the planter and a can of water proof spray.

I drilled those holes weeks ago and I'm glad because if I had to do this today it wasn't going to happen.
Potted up.
The squirrels will be excited. Fresh soil and time to dig. I hope they don' t eat everything.

Narcissus, couldn't get them deep enough in the flower bed out back. I'll try the other bed or pots. Some were getting soft so I hope laying them out to dry will help.
Paper whites for later, tulips for maybe pots on the step, and allium for the front flower bed.
I bought these today for out front and for forcing and inside this winter for some color. Fifty percent off now. Go get your bulbs.

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